About us

Welcome to Beyond K9.   We have refined a method of dog training and behavior modification based on communication, structure, and leadership. Our track-record of successful dog training has earned us a reputation as one of the top dog training centers in the DFW area. We have helped hundreds of clients address behavioral issues including:

  • Rushing the door when the bell rings
  • Jumping on family and friends
  • Barking non-stop
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Showing animal or human aggression

Destroying property

We believe that a well-trained, relaxed dog is a happy dog you can enjoy and include in your life.  Whether your dog displays mild, moderate or severe behavioral issues, Beyond K9 can help.

About Keith Morris

Keith Morris, owner and founder of Beyond K9 has over a decade of experience as a professional dog trainer and consultant.  He is an expert on canine behavior and the traits and attributes of the majority of individual breeds. Keith has helped countless individuals and families resolve behavior problems using techniques that promote understanding and trust.  Each year he participates in ongoing continuing education and attends seminars on behavior modification, and conducting temperament and behavioral evaluations.

Keith currently lives with his seven rescue dogs Shih Tzu Lou, Jack Russell Terrier JJ, Lab mixes Bear and Karli, Pit Bulls Gary and Sadie, and Husky/GSD mix Dog.  In addition, Keith partners with several DFW rescue groups to provide dog acclimation, training, behavior modification, and phone and e-mail consults to adopters and foster pet parents.  According to Keith, approximatetly 80% of the dogs surrendered for behavior problems are due to owners not communicating in a language the dog understands.  He believes that although it might be easy to give up and get another dog, it is not the answer.  All dogs are trainable using the right techniques and methods.




Beyond K9 is committed to train your dog and take it to the next level
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