Tracy C

We had two young dogs who had multiple issues. One was high energy and hyper excitable and we had extreme difficulty walking him on leash. The other one was our primary concern and had severe fear aggression. He would lunge at and attack anyone (dogs or human) who came near. We couldn’t have people over, we were afraid to walk him in case we encountered loose dogs or strangers coming too close to us, and we were concerned about the safely and liability of keeping him, and I was becoming less and less comfortable around him. We worked with other trainers without success and had already discussed the possibility of not being about to keep him for these reason, knowing the chances of him being adopted with his behavior issues were about at zero. A friend of ours referred us to Keith and he has worked miracles. He had control over our dog within 20 minutes of the first session (the previous trainer came over 3 times and didn’t get that far). He approach was effective, he did a great job training us as well, on how to train our dogs, and was very upfront about what it would take to correct the behaviors. He also worked with the other dog and showed us some effective techniques to calm him and improve the walks with him.
We have seen tremendous progress with our problem dog and continue to do so. I truly think Keith may have saved his life by giving us the tools and the techniques to changes our dogs view of the world around him. Our dog is still a work and progress and Keith has been extremely committed to working with both him and us through the process. It is obvious how Keith truly cares about the success and well-being of our dogs and we are very grateful for having been introduced to him as a trainer.


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